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John Warren Godwin

john-warren-godwinJohn Warren Godwin brings a small town sense of right and wrong to his work for the clients at The Law Offices of Troy King. Born and raised in Greenville, Alabama, J.W. understands that a man’s word should be his bond. He will look you in the eye, tell you the truth, and never back down. Fighting for everything that he wants comes naturally – after all, as the middle of nine children, nothing was ever given to J.W.

After high school, J.W. joined the Air Force, being sworn in on September 11, 2001. He earned one of the nation’s highest security clearances. Working as an airfield management flight date coordinator taught him the need to pay attention to detail. He has never forgotten that lesson. It now serves our clients well.

While still serving in the Air National Guard, J.W. first joined Troy King, who was then serving as Alabama’s Attorney General. Of that experience, J.W. says, “Even all these years later, the thing that first drew me to Troy keeps me at his side – he truly cares about those he serves. Each of us believes that we do not just have files. We have faces – faces who, often, feel like their backs are against the wall. Troy has never run from a fight. Not as Attorney General and not as a private lawyer.”

While in the Attorney General’s Office, J.W. helped implement Troy’s vision for Alabama. He was instrumental in supporting Troy’s stand on the side of the rule of law in the bingo wars, never flinching or being intimidated. He was one of the key staff assisting Troy in prosecuting suits against over seventy of the largest companies in the world that were stealing from Medicaid and against B.P. after the mega-oil company polluted Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

Troy pays his partner the highest compliment, “J.W. shares my view of the world. Like me, he genuinely hates injustice. He always pulls for the underdog. Now, at our law firm, we don’t just get to pull for those who might otherwise get run over by the big insurance companies that only care about those they hurt during the thirty seconds of their TV ads. We get to stand up for them and to do something to help them when no one else will. There is no man I know who cares more than J.W. Because my law firm has men like him in it, we are making a difference.”

J.W. picks up where Troy leaves off. “We are actually making quite a difference. For a firm as new as The Law Offices of Troy King, we have already had quite a few six figure settlements to show how committed we are and the results that hard work can achieve. For Troy though, it is not about the size of the fee. He works just as hard for a $10,000 case as he does for a half million dollar one. Troy’s passion to help others is contagious. When he says that he is still protecting others, he means it. It is exciting to spend my career truly helping others. I thank God for the chance to do so.”

J.W. has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Troy University; a master’s degree in Judicial Administration from Auburn University Montgomery; and a law degree from the Birmingham School of Law. He and his wife, K.C., have three small girls and a boy.