Thousands of Families May be Impacted by Alabama DHR Forged Lab Results Scandal

Have you falsely tested positive on a drug test that was ordered, commissioned or administered by or at the direction of the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR)? Do you know someone who has received a false positive test result that was sanctioned by the DHR?

DHR, the state agency with the protection of Alabama families at the core of its mission, has been accused of being complicit in empowering a rogue lab testing company to perform thousands of  drug and paternity tests.  Many innocent individuals and families in Alabama may have been wrongly accused of using drugs, accusations that may have led to them losing custody of their children or losing their jobs. Others may have had their paternity results wrongly reported, either causing the wrong person to pay child support or others to lose their paternal rights. 

All of this adds up to what looks to be one of the worst scandals negatively impacting families in our state’s history.

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Lawsuit to Be Filed on Behalf of Mother Who was Wrongly Denied Custody of Her Children because of False Drug Test Results

Jennifer Seavers was involved in a custody battle for her youngest girls, Madelyn and Jennifer Grace. As part of the proceeding, she was rasked the court to order the drug test of her ex-husband and girls.  She volunteered to also be tested. These tests were done through Brandy Murrah, owner of A & J Lab Collections, the vendor for the Alabama DHR in multiple southeast Alabama counties.

Since Jennifer is not a drug user, she was shocked when the tests came back positive. This result prompted the family court to place restrictions on her access to her daughters, which further complicated her custody case. Because she knew the tests were wrong, Jennifer took a retest that came back negative.  Jennifer and her family then began to investigate what happened. It turns out that the doctor who supposedly approved the original test had never read or seen any of Jennifer’s reports, and the doctor’s signature was apparently forged.  He filed a police report and Murrah was arrested.

Jennifer is still awaiting a review by the family court on her custody case, and in the meantime, the damage caused by a mother being separated from her daughters when they are at such a formative age continues to mount. To date, she has only been allowed to see her daughters for a total of about 30 hours over the past four and a half months.

Former Alabama Attorney General Troy King is representing Jennifer Seavers in a lawsuit that is being filed against Murrah, A & J Lab Collections, and the DHR. King believes that thousands of families may have experienced the same (or similar) horrors as Jennifer has, and he is fighting to ensure that all parties responsible for these egregious actions are held fully accountable.

King spent his career standing up for those who have been wronged by the system. As Alabama Attorney General, he fought corruption on every level, and he was not afraid to go after large corporations and government entities who were guilty of wrongdoing. Now in private practice, King is still fighting every day to protect people like Jennifer Seavers who have had their lives messed with because of corruption within the system.

Scope of Falsified Drug Test Scandal Not Yet Known

Murrah and her company performed drug tests in several counties throughout the state of Alabama. At this point, however, it is not clear how many reports were falsified or the scope of the impact this widespread fraud has had on Alabama families who used the DHR’s drug testing vendor. 

Authorities fear that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and they expect a ‘tidal wave’ of falsified drug test cases stemming from Murrah’s company. This could greatly impact numerous family court cases around the state.

An investigation began into Murrah and her company on May 2 after a false positive drug test was reported to authorities. Shortly thereafter, Murrah turned herself in and was arrested on two counts of forgery. 

More forgery charges are likely to be forthcoming as investigators continue to uncover further details in this case. Murrah may also face theft charges if it is found that there were tests that she was paid to perform but didn’t, and she may face perjury charges if she testified under oath to the validity of falsified lab test results.

Police believe Murrah profited somehow from the falsified tests, although the underlying motive for her actions has yet to be revealed.

What is the Alabama DHR’s Role in this Scandal?

Until we hear from Murrah and find out how she profited from the forged lab results she submitted, we will not know the full picture as to how deep this scandal goes and who exactly was involved. But one thing we know for sure, the DHR was at the very least grossly negligent in hiring Murrah and her company in the first place.

Although she was arrested in 2013, was found guilty on five counts of credit card fraud and served three years’ probation for these offenses, she was still somehow contracted by the DHR and entrusted to perform sensitive screenings that determined the futures of children, parents, and their families.

This incident calls for a thorough investigation of the entire system, so we can find out exactly what happened and what steps need to be taken to ensure that this does not happen again.

Have you Received a False Positive Lab Report Obtained Through the Alabama DHR? Call The Law Offices of Troy King Today to Discuss your Legal Rights

There could be thousands of families out there who, like Jennifer Seavers, had their children taken away from them and/or suffered other types of damages because of Murrah and the DHR’s wrongdoing. At The Law Offices of Troy King, we believe that people like Brandy Murrah mustbe stopped, DHR’s policies and procedures must be changed to better protect Alabamians, and victims of this scandal deserve to be fully compensated for all that they have suffered.

Murrah’s conduct (and the conduct of any other person or entity that was involved in this scandal) caused untold damage to victims; including the loss of custody, visitation, and time spent with their children, damaged reputation, loss of time spent dealing with these legal matters, mental anguish, psychological distress, and many others. We must make sure that all parties responsible for these actions are held to account, so this type of activity is never allowed to happen again in our state.

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